Benefits of Owning a 2nd Vacation Home

Looking for a tropical get-away that does not require a passport? Look at the Florida Keys. Stretching from around fifteen miles south of Miami to less than one hundred miles from Cuba, the Florida Keys offer a multicultural living and vacation experience to fit every budget.

Financing a Tropical Dream

Once reserved for the rich and the famous, a second vacation home can now be part of a smart investment portfolio. Mortgage rates are low, making financing a home in the Florida Keys more affordable than ever. Also, unlike the rich and the famous, the average individual is likely to rent his vacation home out to tourists when he is not using it himself.

Waterfront property is especially popular as a vacation spot. It offers the amenities of the local community – restaurants, attractions, transportation, security – and the beauty of communing with nature. The income from these rentals often covers the entire mortgage, enabling the owner to enjoy a free vacation in the Keys whenever he pleases.

Waterfront property also tends to appreciate in value over the long term due to its lasting popularity. The savvy homeowner of a Florida Keys waterfront vacation home is also building equity while he vacations there and rents it out – equity that can either be cashed in at retirement or lived in on a full-time basis.

Peace of Mind

Ask any therapist. The soothing sounds of the ocean provide the perfect background for relaxation. With a vacation home in the Florida Keys, no tapes or compact discs are needed.

Simply open the windows to enjoy the ocean’s relaxing sounds.

Also, as stress is a significant risk factor in elevated blood pressure, a vacation home in the Florida Keys benefits the homeowner physically as well as mentally.

Stress melts away with the ebb and flow of the tide, with the beauty of the sun rising or setting over the ocean, with the gentle ocean breeze.

One can almost feel his blood pressure lower with the laid back lifestyle. Or, if the need for some company arises, the Florida Keys offer a variety of restaurants, museums, parks, and attractions to amuse and entertain.

Add to the scenic view, soothing sounds, and peace of mind that comes with knowing that. No matter how stressful life becomes, a little slice of paradise awaits. It is a reward at the end of the summer, or at the end of a career.

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