US Highway 1 leads to the Fl Keys-A Caribbean vacation destination.

US Highway 1 leads to the Fl Keys-A Caribbean vacation destination.
Florida Keys 2009 Lodging was higher then anywhere else in the State of Florida

(PressMethod) – Per Kevin Speidel, Waldorf-Astoria: Despite the high cost of gasoline, 79% of all Keys visitors continue to arrive by car, and more than half of those are Floridians coming from Tampa southward.

“The greatest amenity we have is U.S. 1. That road leads to a Caribbean vacation destination.”

February 1st, 2010, Per Abby Oglesbee, Big Pine Keys top producing Realtor. The fact that our lodging stats are better then anywhere else in the state and that people are driving here, says a lot about the Keys as an important destination resort area.

When asked to elaborate about how this could possibly help the Fl Keys Real Estate, Abby further remarked, 50% of the people who buy homes in the Keys, visited here first and fell in love with it.

If you take that and mix in the fact that our current properties both on the Low End and the High end are priced as bargains, it will definitely have an effect on our Real Estate market.

After all, there are only so many waterfront properties available

About Abby Oglesbee.
Abby is a Top producing Real Estate agent and the owner of a Florida Keys website located at designed specifically to help people relocating to the lower Florida Keys and the Key West area