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Single agency and what it really means

Florida law requires all Real Estate Agents to explain the “Agency Relationship” options available to Sellers and Buyers of residential real estate.

The law established three types of agency:

* Single Agency
* Transaction Brokerage
* No Brokerage Relationship

Single Agency: The policy of Coldwell Banker Schmitt is to provide the greatest possible degree
of service to our clients, which only occurs in a Single Agency relationship.

For that reason, the company adopted Single Agency as the primary and preferred relationship
for working with our clients.

As a Single Agent, we provide you with the full spectrum of services including the fiduciary
duties of loyalty, confidentiality and obedience.
The benefit to you is that we place your interest above all others, including our own!

While we ...

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Importance of using an experienced Real Estate Agent

There is a lot of hard work that goes into buying or selling a house.

With today’s market and economy, that hard work has become even tougher.

That is exactly why it is critically important that you hire an expert to help you navigate through all the details and negotiations.

Yes, there are lots of Real Estate Agents, but not all of them may be looking out for your best interest. Therefore the first thing you need to do in this process is to find a real estate agent that you can trust, that has experience and importantly has great negotiation skills

From the experience side of things.

A few things to ask a prospective agent?

How long have you been in Real Estate?

Do you do this full time?

What are your sales stats for the last couple years.

(These may seem like intrusive questions, but a...

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US Highway 1 leads to the Fl Keys-A Caribbean vacation destination.

US Highway 1 leads to the Fl Keys-A Caribbean vacation destination.
Florida Keys 2009 Lodging was higher then anywhere else in the State of Florida

(PressMethod) – Per Kevin Speidel, Waldorf-Astoria: Despite the high cost of gasoline, 79% of all Keys visitors continue to arrive by car, and more than half of those are Floridians coming from Tampa southward.

“The greatest amenity we have is U.S. 1. That road leads to a Caribbean vacation destination.”

February 1st, 2010, Per Abby Oglesbee, Big Pine Keys top producing Realtor. The fact that our lodging stats are better then anywhere else in the state and that people are driving here, says a lot about the Keys as an important destination resort area.

When asked to elaborate about how this could possibly help the Fl Keys Real Estate, Abby furth...

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